GeoExt is a JavaScript library that provides groundwork for creating rich web mapping applications. It combines the web mapping library OpenLayers with Ext JS - a cross-browser JavaScript library for building rich internet applications. GeoExt provides a suite of customizable widgets and data handling support that makes it easy to build applications for viewing, editing, and styling geospatial data.


  • Built with Ext JS, cross-browser rich Internet application framework.
  • Integrated OpenLayers mapping client.
  • Full dynamic user interactivity and animation without the need for Flash or Silverlight.
  • Well designed and extensible component model.
  • Wide variety of generic widgets (grids, charts, trees, layouts, combo boxes, toolbars).
  • Flexible, standards-based mapping widgets like legends, pop-ups, and scale choosers.
  • Printing controls from PDF serving platform, such as page layouts, resolution, and legends.
  • Customizable layer selection.

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