Introduction to PostGIS

Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisites: Participants should have a working knowledge in GIS and Basics of Database

Course Objective

The course will provide an Introduction to Spatial Concepts and Geographic Data Types and how to use them in PostgreSQL via PostGIS. Topics included are how to install and configure PostGIS to enable PostgreSQL to work with spatial data types, how to properly run queries and set up Indexes on Spatial data.

Module I: Spatial Database basics and Introduction to PostgreSQL and PostGIS

  • PostGIS:
    • About Spatial Database;
    • Modeling Spatial Database;
    • Introduction to PostgreSQL;
    • Indexing and its importance;
    • Types of index;
    • Installing PostgreSQL/PostGIS.
  • PostGIS Geography Types:
    • Point;
    • Line string;
    • Polygon;
    • Multipoint;
    • Multi polygon;
    • Geometry Collection.
  • PostGIS:
    • Introduction to PostGIS;
    • PostGIS in managing Spatial Data;
    • Understanding pgAdmin.

Module II: Working with Spatial Data, Data retrieval, Indexing and Database Administration

  • Working with PostGIS:
    • Creating a spatial database;
    • Loading spatial data in to the database.
  • Data retrieval:
    • Understanding simple and spatial queries;
    • Retrieval of spatial data.

On Completion

On completion of this course you can:

  • Understand the difference between Spatial and Non-Spatial Databases.
  • Understand the PostgreSQL Database and Postgis.
  • Understand how to load and manage the spatial Data using Postgis.
  • Perform various types of queries and understand the difference between simple and spatial Query.
  • Learn how to manage the Database.

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