Intermediate PostGIS

Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisites: Participants should have a working knowledge in GIS and Basics of Database

Course Objective

This hands-on training course is designed to help you get started with PostGIS, covering the configuration, management and use of a spatial database. Delegates will learn how to create spatial databases, load data from a number of different sources, perform queries and connect via common GIS tools. In addition the course will cover best practices for viewing, exporting and Administering Spatial data in PostgreSQL and PostGIS.

Module I: Schema Creation and Metadata

  • Schema:
    • Geometry types in Postgis;
    • Understanding the Schema of Postgis;
    • Schema creation.
  • Metadata:
    • Introducing Metadata in Postgis;
    • Postgis Metadata tables;
    • Viewing the Metadata using queries;
    • Updating Metadata.

Module II: Establishing Database connection and Database Management

  • Database Connection:
    • Establishing database connection from Desktop GIS;
    • Connection settings and parameters.
  • Metadata:
    • Configurations and optimization;
    • Management;
    • Setting Privileges and access control;
    • Database Backup and restore.

On Completion

On completion of this course you can:

  • Understand the schema types and creation of new schema in PostGIS.
  • Learn how to manage and work with the Metadata.
  • Understand in how to establish a database connection from Desktop GIS.
  • Learn how to Backup and restore the Database.

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